Introducing “Saved”, the new CD by Megan Hurst


I am so excited to announce my new CD, “Saved” on Creative Soul Records is about to be released to all digital outlets (iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, Spotify, and more!)

We just finished mastering and are in the process of getting everything online this week!

Those of you who gave so generously to my IndieGogo campaign will be seeing your free advance downloads in the next few days.

I am so thankful and grateful for the experience, and for everyone’s prayers and help.

More soon!

Help Me Finish my New Album!

8x10This campaign will help me share the love of Christ through music. When you back this project, you could receive a pre-released digital download of the album, signed CDs or even the opportunity to spend the day in Nashville with me in the recording studio.

If you are a part of making this project happen, then you could be a part of leading someone to our Lord or bringing a brother or sister in Christ back to the foot of the cross. Remember if Jesus can take 2 fish and some bread and feed 5,000+ people, He can take the money you give and bless just as many people.

Be a part of something big! God Bless!


m2We’re currently working on my first CD in Nashville with Creative Soul Records, and Grammy winning engineer Ronnie Brookshire, as well as some of the top Christian musicians in the business.

Watch this space for pictures from production and maybe some other things we come up with along the way!

Thanks for dropping by!